Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life Elixir, Coming to a Costco Near You

Over the holiday break, my dad and I went to the Costco in my hometown. In the food section, they had several tables set up with free food and drink samples. One of the tables had a large crowd of older adults standing around, so obviously we had to see what the commotion was about. The free sample was for this drink called Reversitall, which is basically a non-alcoholic red wine. I’m sure you have heard about the health benefits of red wine, and perhaps even about the “French Paradox” and “resveratrol”. Basically, this $20+/bottle drink makes the claim that it reverses the aging process by providing enough antioxidants that your “inner machinery” won’t rust. Supposedly one "shot" of this drink gives you the same amount of resveratrol as a bottle of red wine, meaning you can successfully avoid getting busted for DUI.

An amusing exchange:

Woman at the Counter: Come try Reversitall and feel years younger! Only a 1 oz shot each day is needed! Life elixir everyone!
Dad: So what you’re saying is that if I drop $20 for this I will magically be 30 again?
Woman: You might even live to be 150! Resveratrol can do wonders!
Dad: And a shot each day is all that is needed?
Woman: Yes, a shot each day. Take it in a shot glass.
Dad: Ok, let’s give this a try.
(We both take a sample of this. It tastes pretty much like cough syrup.)
Woman: So, what do you two think?
Dad: Thanks, but we’re going to get some grapes. A few bushels of grapes. They’re cheaper and much tastier.
Woman: You just lost your chance to be 150 someday.

Hah! Meanwhile, all the other folks at the sample table who tried Reversitall ended up being $20 poorer than they were had they not visited this booth. Some people even purchased 2-3 bottles of this at once!

Do you think that this "life elixir" is a legitimate anti-aging treatment? Or do you think that the nutritional supplement industry is capitalizing on the general public's fear of old age / death?


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