Friday, April 30, 2010

U dentist abuses inmates but keeps his faculty position

“He was screaming in pain the entire time,” says a dental assistant at Stillwater Correctional Facility, describing a patient subjected to Dr. Norman Eid, a faculty member in the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. “A great deal of his jaw came out along with part of the tooth.”

Eid worked in an unsterile office, humiliated his patients, failed to properly manage their pain, and was recently disciplined by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry for unprofessional conduct. Yet the University of Minnesota sees no reason not to renew his contract. “We didn’t feel it would be an inappropriate rehire,” says the Dean. "[Eid] was teaching with us for 20 years without incidents."

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in the Minnesota Daily. (And see Mischke's brutal comments here.)

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carolinarenee said...

I too have experienced dentists to be condescending, I don't think this is a rouge case...It's interesting that this article focuses on his personality as that wouldn't be grounds for revoking his license (although the other accusations are valid). Perhaps he just needs a little Paxil to get him through the day?