Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Investigative Journalism and Bioethics

Attention, medical muckrakers. Starting in Fall 2010, the Center for Bioethics and the School of Journalism and Mass Communications will be offering a new course, "Investigative Journalism and Bioethics." (It is listed as a 5000-level BTHX "Topics in Bioethics" course here and as JOURN 5990 here.) Amy Landa and I will be teaching it. It will be a hands-on, talk-intensive seminar, with lots of scandals and outrages.

The official course description reads: "This seminar will explore the links between bioethics and journalism, examining classic and contemporary works of investigative health journalism, works of literary non-fiction related to medicine, memoirs by doctors and medical students, and investigative work by bioethicists and ethnographers. It will also examine citizen muckraking, non-profit investigative journalism, the public relations industry, the decline of print journalism and the rise of digital media, and how these developments are shaping the relationship between bioethicists and the press."

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