Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Minnesota Daily on the death of Dan Markingson

"Mary Weiss says she wasn’t surprised when her lawyer called notifying her that the University of Minnesota was seeking about $57,000 in legal fees. It had already put her through enough after her son, Dan Markingson, 26, stabbed himself to death while enrolled in a clinical trial for an anti-psychotic medication here in 2004, a trial she didn’t want him in."  Read more on the Daily editorial page.

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Anonymous said...

The State of Minnesota reacted to what happened to Dan Markingson by strengthening it's civil commitment law. The Dr. Olson's are now prohibited from enrolling their own patients into their own clinical trials for their own financial benefit. Apparently the University can't seem to understand what happened was wrong; but, the state legislators got it perfectly right.