Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"About half of U.S. adults take vitamins and other dietary supplements"

An article on Huffington Post discusses federal data on vitamin and supplement consumption in the United States. And considering what we discussed on Tuesday about the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, these data are somewhat alarming.

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Anonymous said...

You are 100% right on the money.
The FDA does next to nothing to get all bogus products off the market. Some of these things are outright dangerous and scary to use.
The only one that I have recently seen were for these "walking/trainer" sneakers called "Skechers". They made such an outrageous and totally unprovable claim in their early TV commercials that they they were immediately forced to pull those commercials. Their new ads do a fairly good job of promoting the product, but don't "guarantee' that they will give you more muscle tone just by wearing them.
Thank you to the FCC & FTC, and any other branch of federal govt. that made them pull those commercials that were an absolute lie to the American public.