Friday, May 20, 2011

Genetic Testing for Sports Genes

According to this article in the Washington Post "at least two companies have begun selling tests that claim to help match youngsters with the sports they are genetically programmed to play best. The DNA scans, the first of an expected wave of attempts to use genes to enhance athletic performance, can steer children toward games they are most likely to win — and perhaps get scholarships to play." Wow.


Jan Henderson said...

There was an article in JAMA on this recently: Genetic Testing and Youth Sports ( “In the ‘winning is everything’ sports culture, societal pressure to use these tests in children may increasingly present a challenge to unsuspecting physicians. The aim of this Commentary is to bring this issue to the attention of physicians, provide evidence regarding this testing, and encourage clinicians to advocate for young patients when necessary.”

Pradeep Singh said...

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