Friday, March 20, 2009

Medical Tourism

"WHEN Ben Schreiner, a 62-year-old retired Bank of America executive, found out last year he would need surgery for a double hernia, he started evaluating possible doctors and hospitals. But he didn’t look into the medical center in his hometown, Camden, S.C., or the bigger hospitals in nearby Columbia. Instead, his search led him to consider surgery in such far-flung places as Ireland, Thailand and Turkey." Read more in NYTimes. CBC article is here.


Anonymous said...

It is a known fact to all of us that medical tourism has changed the face of health care tourism. With the advancement of technology one would able to search the countries and where it has got specialized in medical surgeries/treatments.

ldeng said...

Medical Tourism is the unfortunate moniker that has attached itself to what is growing into quite a different trend than a “holiday combined with a medical procedure.” Because many North Americans can’t get access to procedures at home, or can’t afford them, their only alternative is to travel long distances for surgery, like HipResurfacing which was only recently approved in the U.S. To learn more about procedures, international hospitals and to read what patients have to say about their experience with medical travel, visit WorldMed Assist.