Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Signing off ...

Where else but Oregon would a 50,000-watt radio station give dying people a voice on Death Bed Talk. City Pages' TD Mischke says the program is "shaking ...[listeners]...awake with bold, unvarnished candor."


Anonymous said...

I've been listening to this station, and it's the most heartfelt moving radio I've ever encountered in my life. Thanks Mr. Mischke for reporting on it.

-Jean Temlis

Anonymous said...

My father was asked to be a part of this station's programming, and agreed. But he then died right in the middle of his show. I believe they are asking people to participate who are too near the end. It's frustrating to the listener.

Tim Kellerman

Anonymous said...

I have been searching for this on line and have found two different stations that offer talk shows featuring hosts in their final hours. One in Portland Oregon and another featuring Death Bed Radio in Washington State.