Thursday, February 18, 2010

Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?

There are really only two things I wear as badges of honor these days. The first is that despite numerous opportunities, I have never tried a cigarette, cigar, pipe, hookah, joint, or anything else that might be smoked. I don't even know how to smoke. The second is that I have not had more than a sip or two of pop - Yes, we call it "pop" where I'm from - in probably close to a decade. Definitely several years, I can guarantee that much. I never buy it; I would often times go thirsty before I would dare drink a can of Coke or Sprite. The fake sugar in diet soda has an aftertaste that leaves much to be desired.

Today I ran into a classmate friend who was purchasing a regular Coke from a vending machine.

Friend: Hey, I've got some extra change here, would you like a Coke for dinner?
Me: No thanks, I do not drink pop at all.
Friend: Aww, don't you want diabetes someday?
Me: Uhhhh......
Friend: It's what all the cool kids have.
Me: This sounds like something I'd hear at a party freshman year of college.

I guess I just never really cared for the smell of "smokable items" or the excessive sugar in soda. However, I really do think that by and large, I avoid both vices because I don't like spending money and both just seem to be very expensive habits with very little return on investment. How much does a pack of smokes cost these days? Somewhere around $6-7, right?
And how much does a 20 ounce bottle of Coke from a vending machine cost? Close to $2? And how much do both habits cost society in the long run? It is kind of scary to think about from both a financial standpoint as well as just general morale.

Frankly, my big vices are dark chocolate and coffee, but I usually brew the latter at home with minimal cream and sugar, and the former is only a treat when I have accomplished an important task. I readily admit those too, are bad, but hey, I'm getting antioxidants out of the deal, right? At least that is what I tell myself...


yourdailypill said...

I used to love Pepsi/Cola/soda when I was a teenager, but growing up I subconsciously started to sometimes even dislike these drinks. The same with food - one day I opened my fridge and realized that 99% of the food there, both fresh and cooked, is healthy. Paranoid?

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Wow! It's nice that you don't drink sodas and smoke at all! You're awesome! I hope I can do the same thing! But sodas are really addicting!

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neck pain orlando said...

Both are bad habits. But habits can be broken so, try to remove it from your system little by little til eventually, it's not a habit anymore.

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